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Sara Giacomini is a 5-foot-tall firecracker from a tiny town in central Jersey. Growing up, she did everything from softball to choir to basketball to cheerleading to community theatre and beyond. Her first exposure to theatre came when she played 1 of 101 dalmatian puppies at the local theatre. From there, the acting bug stuck. She went on to become more involved in community theatre throughout middle and high school, as well as marching band, chorus, national honor’s society, wind ensemble, and of course, the spring musicals. Naturally, she decided to pursue theatre in college and here we are today! Sara is also a dedicated, outgoing teaching artist. You can read more about her teaching experience here.


How Sara’s friends describe her:

(She asked her friends for 3 words to describe her and is sharing those findings here with you today)















How reviewers have described her:


Sara Giacomini is daggers of fun as Robin, the 'Clown.' ... Giacomini gives a concise master class in the kind of all-in clowning that allows us to continue to suspend our disbelief.

               -Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

Giacomini plays the 17-year old Alexandra convincingly, giving the innocent girl a moral backbone that proves a match for her insanely ambitious and unloving mother.

                     -Jim Testa,

George, played by Sara Giacomini, had boundless energy and captured the enthusiasm while doing an excellent job at keeping the audience "in the know" without using a single word! 

               -Jaclyn Layman, BroadwayWorld

If you have watched the television show, you will be amazed how Sara Giacomini strikes a similar chord. She possesses the wide-eyed innocent look that is a trademark of George as well as making similar vocal sounds.

                  -Monica Atkins, Mommy University


How Shakespeare has described her:

‘Though she be but little, she is fierce.’

Okay to be fair, maybe this wasn’t written directly about her, but if the shoe fits!


You can learn more about her on her socials

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